Matteo Savio

Growth Hacker, Entrepreneur, Web Developer

Growth Hack: Vouchers for recurring products

Why am I thinking about that? A lot of our clients work with subscriptions - for digital or physical products. This is a great chance to increase lifetime value, for example through: Giving access to videos on a monthly basis Shipping food or supplements on a monthly...

Kinobetreiber und die deutsche Sprache.

Deutsche OVs? Liebe Kinobetreiber im deutschsprachigem Raum, ihr habt einen ziemlich fetten Bug in eurem Verständnis! Lasst mich erklären: ich versuche in meinem Leben ausschließlich Orginalvertonungen zu sehen. Deshalb hab ich auch keinen Fernseher, da dort viel zu...

Hello growth!

This blog will be dedicated to all things related my profession: Growth Hacking, Life hacking and personal stories. Growth hacking is the profession of data-driven marketing. Here is the structure I'll sort the ideas to make your business more profitable: Lowering...


I'm the CEO of Digital Ideas, full-stack-developer (15+years of experience) and growth hacker located in Berlin & Vienna. Meet me at the Startup Circle