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About me

  • Full stack developer turned growth hacker
  • Founder and CEO of Digital Ideas, a digital marketing & web development company
  • Founder and president of talkin’, a non-profit organizing Social Adventures. Groups in Vienna, Linz and Berlin.
  • Co-founder and CEO of Digitale Trainings GesbR. We produce and market digital trainings.
  • Moderator/Consultant at the Startup Circle, Growth Hacker Meetup & Teenage Think Tank
  • Amateur photographer
I started my entrepreneurial journey when I was 16 in my hometown Steyr. My friends and me started to do a weekly radio show and organizing concerts and (alternative-indie) discos. During my studies I also worked as a web development freelancer that led to start my own company in 2009. Since then I’ve gone through the ups and downs of entrereneurship.
The question that usually leads people to me: How do I get more successfull online?